Sun Rises

May 9, 2012 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

On the leaves of the pink rose, droplets of fresh morning dew settle. Hummingbird rests. Finches sing. Doves meet, fly, and coo. Some plants look cold and restful. These plants invert and sleep. Brassicas flourish all of the time. Dark green tapestries, called “leaves,” of the broccoli and cabbage photosynthesize through the fog. With enduring rays, Sun steadily lights the world and causes the fog’s evaporation.

Sun and fog will play all day in our coastal world. Microcosms and microclimates fill Awaswas. Our soil remains incredibly fertile due to our area’s history as a wetland. Sun and Water encourage our plants to grow.

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Gone to Seed Transplanting

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