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Kale, kale, and more Kale

Kale has an eagerness to flourish known by many santa cruz gardeners. The fresh foggy air and mild central coast climate nourish kale plants throughout their lifecycle. As the plants grow, gardeners harvest the larger outside leaves and remove and wilted or damaged leaves periodically. This method allows the gardener to harvest a few leaves every week; each plant can live for several months with proper care. After harvesting, lightly steam the leaves with cooking oil and the sauce of your choice, lemon juice or soy sauce work great!

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Don Emilio’s Work

Emilio was taking care of the communal areas of the garden this morning.  After irrigating his own parcel, he began the task of tending the gladiolas, corn, roses, and cilantro that line walkways of the garden. In the heat of the summer he starts watering early to conserve.  By irrigating in the morning, Emilio gives the water more time to soak in before evaporating in the heat of the day.

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Row crops

DSC_0182 DSC_0115 DSC_0147 DSC_0166

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Squash – Calabaza

One of the garden’s most prolific treats; any gardener knows that keeping up with the harvesting can be a challenge.

DSC_0151 DSC_0155 DSC_0160 DSC_0149

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Every gardener deserves a space for flowers.  They bring pollinators and beauty of the garden. Orange, red purple and pink are the colors of the day.

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