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Every gardener deserves a space for flowers.  They bring pollinators and beauty of the garden. Orange, red purple and pink are the colors of the day.

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Summertime at the BFG

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Summer Flowers

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Los Colores

This week the first sunflower bloomed, and the gladiolas entered peak season in the Beach Flats Garden.  Tomatoes and tomatillos opened their first flowers in the heat of the sun, awaiting winged pollinators that give the plant a reason to grow fruit.  Nasturtiums were joined by poppies in low places of the sandy beach soil.  All around the songs of birds could be heard, serenading the garden with the songs of summer.

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Gladiolas are a perennial flower that grow from a bulb.  They come in single and multicolored varieties, blooming in may and producing until mid summer.  In the beach flats garden, gladiolas line the walkways, interspersed with annuals like marigolds (cempasuchil) and cosmos (girasoles).  A few narcissus bulbs are mixed in providing an early blooming companion to the leggy gladiolas.  Any trip to the garden is sure to include Domingo telling the colors of the gladiolas he has.  “Morado, rojo, rosado, amarillo, blanco” he says, smiling as he thinks of the beautiful colored stalks.  Gladiolas were a favorite plant of my grandmother, Anita.  I remember them in her garden alongside zucchini and tomatoes.  A favorite of gardeners old and young, gladiolas are a must have in any garden.

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