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Northern Giants

Sunflowers are called girasoles in spanish.  Their yellow and black faces can be seen peeking over the tops cornstalks and fences throughout the garden.  Bringing joy to the gardener and bees to the plants, sunflowers are a must have in gardens around the world.  In many indigenous American gardens, sunflowers are planted along the northern edge of the parcel.  This is done  so they don’t shade out the garden.  In the northern hemisphere, the suns rays come from the south making it the sunniest side of the garden.  any tall plants or structures on the southern edge of the garden will shade out the garden.

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Sun Rises

On the leaves of the pink rose, droplets of fresh morning dew settle. Hummingbird rests. Finches sing. Doves meet, fly, and coo. Some plants look cold and restful. These plants invert and sleep. Brassicas flourish all of the time. Dark green tapestries, called “leaves,” of the broccoli and cabbage photosynthesize through the fog. With enduring rays, Sun steadily lights the world and causes the fog’s evaporation.

Sun and fog will play all day in our coastal world. Microcosms and microclimates fill Awaswas. Our soil remains incredibly fertile due to our area’s history as a wetland. Sun and Water encourage our plants to grow.

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Sun and Rain

Alternating days of rain and sun for the past few weeks have been a blessing for the plants.  Many of our earthbound green friends have been actively photosynthesizing and have grown significantly.  The pigeons enjoyed a snack of rice, given by Don Domingo.  Lining the walkways of the garden are narcissus flowers blooming, and gladiolas preparing to bloom.  Today Carlie harvested oregano, mint, tarragon and cilantro from the garden.  These herbs have survived the winter and are entering their productive phase again with the lengthening of the days.  The blueberry plants have sensed the arrival of spring, and have their first small fruits.  The Nopal cactus, taking a cue from the blueberries about the arrival of spring, have awakened and are sending out tasty shoots that will soon be grilled, salted, covered with lime and wrapped in a corn tortilla.

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