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Transplanting is a basic gardening skill, that takes little more to master than a loving touch and common sense.  A few things will help you in your transplanting.

– Water is very important to plants; make sure to water them as soon as possible after transplanting.

– Dirt is your friend; use some dirt to make a little bowl around your plant so the water soaks in by the roots.

– Roots are fragile and easily disturbed; try not to break up the root ball of your starts when planting.

– Sunlight is food; plant your starts in the morning of a day that is going to be sunny to give them a good first day in the ground.

– Timing is everything, most plants have seasons that they prefer to grow in so make sure you are giving your plant what it wants.

– Some plants prefer direct seeding; try to honor this.

– Plants love to be loved; check on your starts every day for the first few days after transplant.

Basil Planting from joe b on Vimeo.

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