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While I took a break from writing last week, you know we still worked in the garden! We started harvesting last week. Also, we cleaned and started planting this week.

So far the harvest includes: fava beans, a neighbor’s purple lettuce, Greek oregano, Italian oregano, two types of mint, and our first sprigs of lemon verbena. The lemon verbena shouts out to our people in Argentina. Lemon verbena grows wild in that part of the world.

We added broccolli and cabbage between our directly sewed summer squash. We have many broccollis and cabbages in the front half of our parcel. So far we sewed three scallop, also called patty pan and sunburst, squash. We directly sewed the following winter squash: delicata honey boat, table king acorn, waltham butternut, and burgess buttercup.

Over the years I have learned that one squash plant usually yields adequate fruit for one family. With so many squash plants we will have enough squash for 6-8 families in our community. The squash plants bear fruit between July and September

We also added a row of oregano and time on the west border of our parcel. We use herbs to protect our plants. The herbs block harmful insects and other pests. Right next to these herbs I sewed Italian parsley, Garden cilantro, and romaine lettuce. These will be wonderful salads very soon!

Today we did that hard labor for our summer, fall, and winter food. The olive tree grows,the doves fly, the sea gulls chatter and all the other birds sing. This fills me with happiness and hope.

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