Save the Beach Flats Garden

The Beach Flats garden is being threatened with closure again.

The City of Santa Cruz and The Santa Cruz Seaside Company, owner of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, are negotiating a deal for partial closure of the garden at the end of this year. We can not let this happen, our community relies on this space for access to healthy food and community space. Our elected officials need to work together to prioritize this public space, and create a permanent solution to it’s preservation and support.

More info coming soon!

Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel Article Here

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Summertime at the BFG

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Garden Treats

Having snacks growing at the garden is a good motivation to get down there.  Fresh green beans, tomatoes, peaches, plums and blueberries await the gardeners at various times of the year.

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Peaches – duraznos

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In order to maximize energy and space in the garden, many gardeners choose to co-plant multiple crops together in the same field.  In the Beach flats garden, corn beans and squash are planted together in various formations according to each gardener’s experience and traditions.  Corn beans and squash co-planting is known as a three sister garden and is common in many indigenous planting traditions.  There are two ways in which corn and beans are commonly co-planted in the Beach Flats Garden.  The more common method involves planting the corn 1 to 2 months ahead of the beans, so the corn has time to grow.  This method produces a larger yield from the corn in exchange for a smaller quantity of beans.  The other method involves planting them at the same time and allowing the beans to climb over the corn as it grows.  The bean yield is greater while the corn is reduced.  As the beans grow they feed the soil to the benefit of the corn beans and squash in the parcel.  The third sister, squash, can be seen growing in the rows.  The squash plants reduce evaporation and weed growth by making shade in the parcel.  Vine squash can be trained to grow down the rows to maximize the effect.  However a gardener chooses to plant, if the garden has corn beans and squash, its a happy garden.

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Sugar Cane

Sugar cane or caña is a fun garden treat.  A large bush of this tropical plant grows by the north fence of the garden by the banks of the San Lorenzo River.  They are harvested periodically and used as a tasty snack on a hot summer day.  Short pieces of the cane are peeled and cut to be enjoyed by the gardeners and their friends.  I took some on a recent trip to the lake.

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