Support your beans

August 1, 2012 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

Beans are generally a prolifically growing vine that will climb anything they can get their tendrils on.  The more they have to climb, the more they will grow, and there are many ways to provide support for them.  Planting beans with corn is an ancient and sacred way to co-pant these staple crops.  The corn supports the beans and the beans nourish the soil as they grow; both plants benefit from the others presence.    Also, a gardener can plant them next to a fence and they will climb it.  A trellis or other structure can be custom built for the season if no fences are available.  Some poles stuck in the ground with or without wires running between the is a good way to row crop beans.  A tipi is an easy and sturdy way to make a very tall structure to maximize space.  Finally, a gardener may choose to plant bush beans instead, these beans are self supporting and need no structures.

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