a moment from the milpa

June 14, 2012 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

I would like to share a brief moment in our garden that reflects the community aspect of our commuity garden. I hope you enjoy….

Along one side of Don Domningo’s parcel, we find a row of squash planted for community members to harvest. I harvested just two today. I then began to tell Don Domingo that my neighbor’s maiz has children, “Mingo….”

At that moment a young boy appeared in the garden. I introduced myself, “Hola, yo soy Carlota.”

Yo soy Christian,” I am Christian, he responded.

Don Mingo,” I said, “El maíz de mi vecino tiene hijos.” My neighbor’s corn has children. It is important to destroy the corn’s children becauses the children simply use nutrients to grow off the main stock of the corn, which hinders the stalks growth. With children, the corn will not grow healthfully. I wanted to help the corn grow. At this moment, I hoped Don Domingo and Christian could help me.

I informed Christian’s father that the corn had children. He understood and advised Christian to accompany Don Domingo and I to the milpa, the indigenous word for corn field. We cleared the corn’s children and allowed the main stock of the corn to grow healthfully.

This is a brief description of one of the many serendipitious moments that occur in our garden. Don Mingo knew that the owner of the corn field would appreciate our work. Because of this we helped the corn grow stronger. The abundance of the sun, hard work and love enables the plants to grow so quickly right now!

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