Garden Fresh Tacos

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Tacos are a great way to enjoy any fresh garden food.  Whatever you have laying around the kitchen and garden will taste great wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. Today we made sauteed squash tacos with queso fresco; garnished with cabbage, and fresh herbs.


– Cooking Oil (we used ghee but any cooking oil will do)

– Several summer squash

– Onion

– Cabbage (or lettuce)

– Queso fresco

– Corn tortillas

– Cilantro

– Oregano

– Mint

– Fennel seed

– Salt

– Salsa (optional)

First, chop the onion into small pieces and begin sauteing it in a pan with the oil.  Add a dash of fennel seed and some salt  While the onion cooks, chop the squash into smaller than bite-size pieces, and in a few minutes add them to the onions.  Cook until tender and remove from the heat when done.  To make the garnish, cut a few thin slices off the top of the cabbage; add cilantro, mint, and oregano leaves and chop together with a heavy knife.  When you’re ready to eat, warm up your tortillas and place them flat on a plate.  Put a Thick slice of queso fresco on the tortilla first.  Cover this with a healthy spoonful of the squash mix.  Finally, add the cabbage garnish and any salsa.  Fold the tortilla in half, making sure to retain contents as much as possible.  Enjoy your taco(s) outside with a cold beverage on a warm day for maximum flavor.

Fresh Garden Tacos from joe b on Vimeo.

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La Gran Cosecha Gladiola

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