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Blueberries are a favorite summertime snack on the east coast, northwest, and increasingly in California.  Our health conscious demand for the nutritious blue fruit has led to a big push in blueberry cultivation in the golden state.  New hybrid varieties have been developed that are suitable for nearly any growing climate; ask your local garden store for a variety that is suitable for you.  In the Beach Flats Garden we grow two varieties: Duke and Chandler.  I Selected these varieties because I know them to be especially tasty.  I have kept them in pots for 3 years now and they have done well enough.  I am hoping to put them in the ground, but have not yet found a good space.  Since they are productive for only a small part of the year, the mobility of the pots allows me to give them full sun when they need it, but move them to a more convenient location after the June and July harvest is over.  Growing them in pots allow me more control over the soil too.  Blueberry plants like acidic soil; so they may not be well suited to the soil in some backyards.  A soil PH test kit can help determine what soil type you have.  If you are growing them in pots, replant them and replace the soil every few years to keep it fresh (Organic potting soil works great).  Upgrade the container as needed to accommodate new growth.  You may want to use an organic fertilizer each year to increase your yield whether you grow in a pot or in the ground.  Blueberries like lots of water, so keep them moist year round to avoid stressing them out.  When it is harvest season you may need to cover your plant with a net to keep the birds from getting the fruit.

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