Harvest of Fresh Mint and Fresh Oregano

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Wow! What amazing growth occurs in Spring in El Jardin! We have longer days. The sun rises about six am and falls beyond the line of sight between eight and eight-thirty. Because sun light feeds the plants, the plants “eat,” grow, get sick, heal, and fall similiar to all living things.

Our oregano consistantly gives 10-12 inch springs. I cut 3-7 inch sprigs from our mint plants everytime we work in our garden. Before I grew food plants and food, I did not use fresh mint or fresh oregano. Now I use as much frest mint and fresh oregano as possible.

This seems to be the moment to suggest a few ways to use fresh mint and fresh oregano in your daily life. After I harvest fresh herbs, I add them to my salads – to taste! Everyone differs in opinion on flavor. I suggest you experiment with your preferences. Fresh mint will add flavor, refreshment, and a sense of cooling to your daily water intake. Of course, you can steep mint in hot water for nurturing, relaxing tea. A bit of mint also brings out the flavors of other vegatables and spices you cook at the same time. Fresh oregano can be added to stir fry, soups, salad dressings, etc. Toss oregano fresh onto your freshly made pasta with olive oil, salt, garlic and a bit of lemon and savor the goodness. In fact you can do this with any grain of your choice: brown rice, amerynth, couscous, quinoa, etc.

Spring offers growth, refreshment, and beauty. While these qualities abound in our organic garden, some plants, insects and other beings fall down or fall away. The winter harvests (chard, kale, beets, etc.) die, seed, and continue giving food. The non-food plants (aka “weeds”) grow and the gardeners daily destroy the useless plants. Arugala, lettuces and perenniel herbs offer themselves for harvest. Meanwhile, young basil, tomatoes, chiles, broccolli, letuces, squashes, corns, and beans begin their lives on this earth.

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