Traditions of Planting and Praying

March 27, 2012 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

A wonderful storm blows through El jardin de la playa. It is one of those spring storms that blows the trees, the air , the leaves, and one’s thoughts. A gardener/campesin@ prays that the young sprouts will survive the storm and finds other ways to praise Mother Earth.

The storm seems too cold and frosty for young, supple food plants. Yet, our plants rejoice, like the birds along the river. The plants’ roots soak up the life giving rain. Mother Earth’s water cycle also welcomes the rain. Some rain water will stay, while other rain water leaves. We pray our sprouts grow with the goodness of the storm.

In addition to joyous walks, storms provide the gardener with time to work indoors. In-door farming chores include: caring for in-door seedlings, desgranando mazorcas (from last summer’s harvest), cleaning out stored farm food, organizing seeds, and distributing seeds to friends. One can also sing and dance to honor one’s life and one’s ancestors.

With limited garden chores abound, I am able to write a bit about revitalizing your self-esteem, spirituality, and will to live. In my time working the land, I began to understand that time spent with Mother Earth, in the tradition of working the land, is a generations old practice of veneration. In doors, one can use one’s physical body to honor Mother Earth and one’s ancestors when one cannot work the land outside. One can sing, dance, practice yoga and clean one’s house, when one must work inside!

Whether indoors or outdoors, I find that working and venerating mother Earth re-vitalizes my spirit and keeps me happy, regardless, of all the bad news and drama, blowing around me like that wonderful storm outside. All of this veneration and reflection leads me to pray a bit. A prayer in this tradition would go as follows. If you have never planted, I hope you will till your land a bit and plant a squash seed or start. If you plant like us, I send warm thought of love to you and your “plantees”! Lets do this! Lets eat well and celebrate Mother Earth!

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