Wonderful Work

March 22, 2012 at 6:01 pm Leave a comment

A wonderful day to plant starts and seeds! We plant both food plants and seeds, as well as, re-pot cactus and plants in our potted porch garden. This work requires those hard labor skills that we rested from last week.

Today saw the re-potting of our stupice tomato, which resides in my windowsill until May. We re-potted a beautiful cactus “de lujo” (a decorative cactus) and the Chumash yerba mansa. We seeded: trombetta squash, cabbage, broccoli, sungold tomatoes, crimson carmello tomatoes, and red & yellow cuorno de toro peppers. Meanwhile, in our earth, our favas dry and await their destiny as our healthy soil.

In terms of the rest of El jardin de la playa, well, our gardeners plant and seed many wonderful things. Don Domingo prepared the earth for an apple tree! In early fall or late summer this tree will provide: golden delicious, gravenstein, braeburn, and red delicious apples. This will be new adventure for our gardeners as we learn to care for our apple tree. Additionally, people sewed summer squash, winter squash and red poppies. These plants will sprout in communal and personal areas.

A sigh of relief follows these spring days of sewing seeds and planting plants. Our hopeful and hard labor maintains healthy ecology in our neighborhood. I rest my hat, I rest my head and hope for the future.


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The Fall of the Favas Traditions of Planting and Praying

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