The Blessing of Rain

March 14, 2012 at 7:46 pm Leave a comment

On rainy days, the blessed gardener rests from the hard labor chores of maintaining the land. Mother Earth works on rainy days. With her delicious sweet water, Mother Earth waters the plants and cleans the pathways.

While the gardener rests from hard labor chores, the gardener must do some physical activity to maintain his or her strength. Gardening, also called “working the land,” requires extreme physical exertion. Therefore, it is helpful to one’s gardening to strengthen your physical body on days spent away from working the land. Activities such as walking, stretching, and dancing keep the gardener in proper physical condition.

A walk along a local river is an excellent way to keep your body strong and still spend some time with Mother Earth on rainy days. The birds along the river encourage other living beings to enjoy the rain. You see, the rain attracts birds. They sing, play, and enjoy the blessing of rain. As the gardener walks along the river, he or she hears the local avian symphony.

A truly organic gardener perceives birds as integral to the success or failure of his or her farming practices. Birds eat pests, as well as, distribute seeds and pollen. They also provide music and company during the gardener’s hard labor. A walk along a local river allows the gardener to connect with birds and Mother Earth’s rain cycle. In El Jardín, our organic practices integrate an age-old custom of praising mother earth and the blessing of rain.


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