Clearing the land

February 23, 2011 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

Now is the ideal time to clear the land you are planning to plant this year.  One to two weeks after a rainstorm the soil will be the ideal moisture for tilling.  If you are not sure if its ready, go out and try a few scoops.  If the dirt is too moist it will be hard to work in and stay in big clumps when you turn it.  If it is too dry it will be very hard.  To maximize you work, turn the soil when it is still slightly moist from the rain.  Start by pulling out the big burly weeds, and removing any stones, roots, or debris found in your plot.  Use a shovel to dig down and scoop out a trench at one end of your parcel.  Scoop a shovelful of dirt from the edge of the trench closest to you and turn it over in a way that breaks up any large clumps.  Continue down the trench to the end of the parcel.  Repeat until the whole parcel has been tilled.  Finally, use a rake to level out your plot.  Now your garden is ready to plant.


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First Sprouts Planting Corn

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