Planting Cilantro

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Cilantro is a flavorful herb grown by many cultures the world over.  The leaves and seeds are commonly used for their fresh, spicy flavor.  Cilantro is delicious in salsa, chutney, or sprinkled fresh over meals.  The seeds can be ground, and used as seasoning in a variety of cuisine.

To plant cilantro, sew in soil 1/2 inch deep and gently cover.  Rows are optional.  Planting in the ground will give more cilantro, but planting in pots is effective also.  Keep seeds moist during germination, watering about twice a week for the first few weeks, or whenever the soil is dry.

To harvest your cilantro, cut the stalks you wish to use, or pull up the whole plant from the roots.  Pinch and use the leaves, discard the stems.  For best flavor, harvest before your cilantro begins going to seed.

If you wish to save seeds for another crop, allow some plants to keep growing until they flower, and then seed.  Allow the seeds to fully dry until they are very hard.  Gather the seeds and repeat.

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