June 1-7

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This week we continued harvesting the first squash plants. From the communal areas we harvested 7 squash (the two dark green ones that take 40 days and five light green ones with yellow speckles that grow on a vine), many bushels of cilantro, one bag of yerba buena oaxaqueña (Oaxaquen mint), and a bag of broccoli. In the personal plots, gardeners have been harvesting cactus, cilantro, lettuce, broccoli, kale, chard, oregano, cooking sage, peas, turnips, time, squash and arugula. Domingo is saddened because many of the communal squash (in Spanish, calabasas para la gente) that he planted have rotted because he planted them below the ground. Many of the plants still produce plenty of squash, however, Domingo repeats that next year he will be sure to plant all of them above ground so this does not occur again. Because of this he has planted approximately ten more plants in other communal areas so we will still have squash for residents of Beach Flats.

The challenges this week have been gophers and leaking plumbing in the Kid’s Club plot. Although we have gotten rid of many gophers, one has killed two potato plants in two different plots. The drip irrigation that the Christian group installed is leaking in various places. Usually the city administration attends to its plumbing, but for some reason that is not the case in our community garden. One of the former administrators, Rachel Colverwell, informed me that another city supervisor, Robert Acosta, would become the administrator. However, last week Reyna Ruiz, the other former city administrator, informed me that Robert Acosta was not actually officially in charge. Therefore, we have no confirmed city personnel administering the city’s contract with the gardeners. Over the past few months, especially in January, we have communicated, both verbally and in writing, with the City Council and city employees, Carol Skurich, Rachel Colverwell, and Robert Acosta to rectify the city’s absence in this city park. We have received no written correspondence from the city and Skurich informed me that they have, “no idea what is going to happen to the garden.”

Thanks for reading the brief report from our beautiful, bountiful garden. Next Friday, June 12, we will be screening 500 Years of Chicana History in Spanish at 9:00 pm at the garden. Please spread the word and stop by!


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May 11- May 17 Planting Squash

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