April 20-26

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This week was relatively mellow at the garden. We have 22 planted parcels, while one remains fallow. The faucet for the Kid’s Club plot has been fixed by Toño, one of the gardeners. We had a heat spell at the beginning of the week, which provided much-needed heat to our recently planted food.

One of the needs of our garden becomes strikingly obvious when our plants begin to grow. The majority of the gardeners need soil for their land. People have been working the land of the older garden for 15 years since 1994. Conversely, the newer part of the garden (added last year) has less soil needs. An easy way to perceive the different soil needs is the health of corn planted in different areas. For example, in my plot, Domingo continues to say that the corn was taller and more green last year. Thus, my plot needs soil. At the same time, corn in other parts of the garden are smaller then my corn so that land also needs soil. While, in some instances, there is less sun or the land was worked less, some of the corn has comparitive sun to mine, but grows slower or does not grow as much as my corn.

Also, this week we also continued our, cuperacha. Because the city has changed its level of support for the garden and our land continues to have the same needs, we have decided to collect money for some of our needs. These needs include but are not limited too: plumbing parts and labor, soil, bar-b-q supplies, etc.

In the past, the city of Santa Cruz maintained the plumbing. However, since I have been involved with the garden, the gardeners maintenance any plumbing problems because it is an immediate need to conserve water and because the city has failed to come in the past to maintenance the plumbing. The former city administrator, the Beach Flats Community Center Community Liason, failed to secure the fixing of faucets, and other plumbing needs, so the gardeners now do not rely on the city for plumbing needs. That is not to say that it would be extremely helpful and a great need that the city could cooperate with us. We hope they will with our new administrator, City of Santa Cruz Recreation Advisor, Robert Acosta.

Despite these challenges, we all continue growing our food, which at this time is a lot of watering and weeding!

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This week April 13-19, 2009: April 27-May 3

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